destination unknown

In a month, you can go for the happiest person in the world to the complete opposite. It happened to me. It can happen to anyone. A month ago, I was at home for the first time since I started college. It was a strange feeling but home still feel like home. I had my […]

college update.

All my life my parents have taught me the importance of education. It’s been deeply ingrained within my blood and bones. When I got to college, I didn’t quite understand how I was receiving this so-called education. It perplexed me- I didn’t spend nearly as much time studying or attending class as I did in […]

lost cities.

Land, sea, and air. It takes a rickety bus, a wobbly boat, and a shaky flight to transform a vision into a reality. But, when the travel finally ends at a destination, that is when the journey truly begins. Machu Picchu, nestled on a remote mountain in the Andes, swarms with civilisation today. As one […]

about last summer.

I watched the gears flick up and down, the lights causing reversal or standstill. I longer for the control, to be able to play or pause time. But, that was impossible, so I intended to get as close as I possibly could. The next day, I went from passenger to driver. As my foot dangled […]

my life as told by emo songs.

As I have spent my entire life surrounded by emo songs, they are the story of my life. Age 8, my dad blasting “We Will Rock You” by Queen in our living room. The words sound slurred, nothing makes sense to me. All I want is for the sound to die and for my cartoons […]


Droplets splatter on the glass pane in haphazard swirls of beauty. They confirm what the white flecks are trying to say. Come, come outside for a while and see what we have to offer. When on ice, you feel both firmly in control and desperately lost at the same time. The skis fly on the […]

looking for answers.

You can drive all night looking for the answers in the pouring rain. But, answers are not that easy to find. To find them, you don’t have to break down walls or boundaries. You have to explore, analyze, discover. You have to have the words to ask questions that penetrate the heart. Hearts are a […]